2 April 2016

Europe "built on tripe" says TMB chairman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle will today underline the tripe industry's commitment to the EU in a presentation to be delivered to the Chorley Ladies' Guild annual general meeting this afternoon.

Sir Norman will use his speech to highlight the prominent role that tripe plays in European cuisine, at the same time announcing a visit he will be making to Tenerife for the 2016 Conferencia de Proveedores de Carne Procesada de las Canales en Tenerife in Los Christianos next weekend.

Sir Norman said it was critically important that the British tripe industry studied how other European countries processed, promoted and sold tripe.  "In many senses, Europe can be said to be built on tripe," he said, before a lunch with meat processors in Preston today.  Sir Norman went on to add that he would be writing to the Prime Minister to call for a comprehensive package of tariffs to prevent imports of cheap Chinese tripe flooding the UK market. "We don't want to see the tripe industry going the same way as steel," he said.

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