17 May 2016

TMB chairman says "Vote 'Yes' to Europe and buy more tripe"

The interests of Britain's tripe industry would be best served by staying in the EU, Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle told an audience of  Preston students earlier today.

Sir Norman, who admitted he had initially been reluctant to become involved in the EU Referendum debate, said his mind had been changed after a TMB policy commission had reported its findings to the board late last week.    

"On balance, there are a number of reasons why it might be beneficial to stay in the EU," he said. He summarised these as:
  • The ease with which the TMB could organise fact-finding visits to Europe without unnecessary red tape
  • Tripe consumption could rise
  • Tripe prices were likely to continue falling
  • Relations with organisations such as Parti Tripier could be further developed
  • It would be easier for youngsters to get jobs in tripe processing companies across Europe
Sir Norman said he fully understood why some tripe consumers might be hesitant to stay in the EU, but he appealed to them to continue buying tripe even if they were voting to leave.

Sir Norman said that market uncertainties as a result of the EU debate had already had a huge impact on the sales of tripe books.  "For that reason, we've taken the unprecedented decision to hugely discount the price of all of our books on Amazon in an attempt to stimulate sales," he said. 

The decision to support staying in Europe represents a change in policy for the UK tripe industry, which has historically taken a more Eurosceptic position.  When the last referendum was held in 1975 the TMB's predecessor body, British Tripe, opposed Britain entering the Common Market.  "I'd like to think we're all more open-minded these days," Sir Norman said.

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