30 September 2017

Move to Yorkshire is 'pure rumour' says TMB chair

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has again denied that the TMB has any current plans to move its operations from Preston, Lancashire to Yorkshire.

Speaking at a meeting of the Todmorden Ladies' League last night, Sir Norman described comments in the social media suggesting a move was on the cards as "pure rumour".  The comments followed a leak of Sir Norman's speaking engagements for this week, which included the controversial visit to Todmorden, and which Sir Norman said was probably the work of an intern who had passed the details on to a local branch of the militant Vegans Against Tripe organisation. 

Forgotten Yorkshire - due out soon
Sir Norman took the opportunity to mention to the audience the imminent arrival of TMB Books' latest publication, Forgotten Yorkshire and Parts of North Derbyshire and Humberside, which he thought might appeal to anyone who had forgotten, or merely found it difficult to recall, some of the more obscure aspects of the county's history.  "We think there's an appetite for our brand of Fact-Free and Fact-Lite history books, even amongst people who don't actually like tripe," he said, adding "and we don't believe in letting facts get in the way of a good history book!"

In response to questions from the audience, Sir Norman said that, while he was delighted to be in Todmorden, when he had accepted the invitation he was under the mistaken apprehension that the town was still in Lancashire. "I realise now that it has been adminstered as part of West Yorkshire since 1974 and I would like to apologise for my mistake," he said. "It's perhaps a shame that this fact isn't mentioned a bit more in Forgotten Yorkshire," he added, promising to have a word with the author Dr Eric K Shipley in case the ommission could be remedied.

Sir Norman said that he would not like his appearance in the county - or the book's publication - to fuel the speculation that the TMB was planning to transfer its operations there. "It's certainly true that we have outgrown our premises in Preston and its right that are casting our net widely in a search for a new home, but it would be wrong to imagine that we are moving to Yorkshire next week - or even next month," he said.  

Sir Norman confirmed that an intern at the TMB's office, believed to be a graduate of Leeds University, had been suspended pending a full inquiry into the leak of his diary earlier this week.

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