4 October 2017

Critics of PM's speech were "a tad harsh" says TMB chairman

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has defended Prime Minister Theresa May after her speech to the 2017 Conservative Party Conference was described as "a car crash" by political commentators.

Sir Norman wrassle
Sir Norman, who has attended fringe meetings at both of the major political party conferences, said he had "every sympathy" with Mrs May and described the criticism as "a tad harsh".  In a candid interview today with Gary Bradlow on the popular Radio Lancashire drive-time show, Gassing with Gaz, Sir Norman said: "As someone who tours the country putting the case for tripe, I know what it's like to have to get up in public and defend something which the majority of people find abhorrent, so I can sympathise with Theresa".

He added that there had been times when he, too, had almost lost his voice, so emotional had be become in putting the case for tripe, and he dismissed those who said that the disintegrating backdrop was evidence of a party in chaos. "There was a time when I was giving a speech when the letters 'T' and 'E' of 'TRIPE' simultaneously fell off the wall behind me but, just like Theresa, I soldiered on to the bitter end," he said.  

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