20 October 2017

TMB chairman apologises over "Get my tripe out" statement

Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle has issued the following statement in connection with comments he is alleged to have made at a meeting of the Barnoldswick Ladies' League in September:

Sir Norman Wrassle
"I apologise unreservedly for the language I used at an event in Barnoldswick last month. It was offensive and unacceptable."

The comments came to light after the militant  East Lancashire Vegans Against Tripe organisation released covert video footage via the Guided Forks foodie website in which Sir Norman told the audience "I'll get my tripe out for you, ladies."

Sir Norman clarified that the phrase 'get my tripe out' was a Merseyside colloquialism similar to 'pull my finger out', and that he had intended to convey to the audience that he would work hard to promote tripe as a foodstuff for the 21st century.

"The phrase certainly has no sexual connotations, and it is a source of some discomfort to me that the Guided Forks website chose to imply that," Sir Norman said.

Sir Norman said it would be a shame if the incident cast a cloud over the relationships he had built over many years with branches of the Ladies' League all across Lancashire. "I think they know I'm not that kind of man," he added.

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